Braving the cold

Today was an excellent day to stay indoors. With the mercury barely hovering at 18*F all day, I took the opportunity to read this month’s Marie Claire from cover to cover, do a little yoga, make macaroni and cheese, clean the bathroom, and pack for my upcoming trip to Miami. 

Staying in all day would feel just too languorous, so I was easily lured outside with the promise of a warm dinner and cheerful drinks with friends in the neighborhood.

But OH, FASHION! How does one dress stylishly for an below-freezing evening? That, dear ones, is a challenge. My make-up is set to a rosy glow, thanks to Michigan Avenue‘s tips (those Chicagoans know cold weather!). Lots of layers and accessories seem to be the only way to go.

Top: Only Hearts long-sleeve cami, Scaglione sweater. Jeans: (not shown) AG Charlotte. Boots (not shown): Sorel Cate the Great. Hat: Sharif Studio.

Blog photo 2

With one toe out the door, a hot chocolate on the couch is sounding mighty fine…

xoxo, Mimzy

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