Jeans day

Thanks to a few text messages and e-mails, I realized that I never provided the resolution to my denim dilemma of last week.

Funny enough, I dressed that morning (jeans on the bottom, but preppy Blair Waldorf on top), and got to the subway only to find that it was skipping my stop all together! I spoke with my boss, and ended up working at home (as did a majority of the other staff). Saved by the snow! I happily worked at my kitchen table in my lovely jeans day outfit.

Headband: JCrew, Jacket: Cartonnier, Scarf: Urban Outfitters


To recreate this look, try the following:


Tasha 'Single' Crystal Headband

Jacket ( #1 is on sale right now at Anthropologie. I just might have to buy it.):



Scarf: (also coveting the on-sale Henri Bendel (example #3)



Happy future jeans days to all of you! Dressing down takes a bit of thought, but when executed well, can be a lot of fun.


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