Neutral Dressing

In a passing comment, my boss said, “I am so glad you aren’t afraid to wear color. Too many New York City girls wear all black.”

City girls do get a bad rap. Don’t get me wrong – I certainly appreciate (and utilize, on occasion) the ease of dressing in head to toe black. It is an armor which provides a slimming effect and a resistance to city dust. However, there is also a lot to be said for the joy of dressing colorfully.

Several years ago, a fashion-forward coworker and I had a Khaki & White Challenge.  The rules were simple: wear khaki on the bottom and white on the top to work for one week. If you cracked and wore something with color, you owed the other person dinner. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that hard! It actually made morning decisions really easy (all those of you who wore uniforms to school can relate).

Hypothetically, if I had to pick only one color that I could wear for the rest of my life (horrors!), I’d choose white. This is a page torn directly from the Olivia Pope book of fashion. Wearing all white is SUCH a powerful statement.

Last week, I chose an outfit based in neutral tones: white, gray, and ivory:


Dress: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target. Blazer: Banana Republic.

The dress is a fitted sweater-style, with a loose, pleated hem. The blazer is fitted and structured, as jackets should be. Vogue would tell us that the new neutrals are light in color and turn multi-seasonal when choosing fabric and layering.



Victoria’s Secret (Sale $114)


Vince ($495)


Club Monaco ($139)


kate spade ($428)


Nightcap (Sale $207)


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  1. I just stumbled upon this gem, my friend! This quiet evening found me catching up on every post and enjoying myself immensely. You have such a delightful writing style! Thank you for the glimpse into your world and for sharing your impeccable taste and love of life with us. 🙂

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