Road test: Nike Lunaracer 3

I think we can all agree that physical fitness is integral to our personal health. Without veering into controversial territory, we can probably also agree that physically fit, healthy people are more visually appealing in the Ballroom. I call your attention to Gisele Bundchen at the 2014 Met Ball Gala for any who are apt to disagree.

But what about in the Boardroom? There’s a WSJ article from January 2013 which tries to articulate the relationship between executives and physical fitness.  Does one’s physical appearance of fitness (or lack thereof) affect colleagues’ perception? Whether a factor of simple human nature or some advanced concept of societal pressure, all but the most saintly are prone to judgement of others.

Perhaps even more importantly, our physical appearance affects our perception and opinion of ourselves.

Being fit is equal parts physical (muscular structure, weight, height, gender) and emotional (confidence). One of my favorite lines from the WSJ article is, “Executives who were part of the study say it’s difficult to say how much of the perceived bias stems from their physical weight and how much from their own projected insecurity [emphasis added].” This means that no matter how many studies are done and how close you are to having the perfect BMI or perfect fat percentage, to some extent, your own confidence and security can help drive another person’s perception in a positive direction.

My message is simple: make the time to work out but don’t go crazy. Let those good endorphins fill your day with confidence.

While I am by no means a fitness fanatic, I strongly advocate being fit and healthy. Some days, I choose to pursue fitness gently – whether that be stretching while watching TV or going for an hour walk after dinner. Other days, I’ll run a few miles in my favorite park.

Now that summer has officially arrived, I tossed out my (very old) Brooks running shoes, and bought a new pair of Nikes.

I couldn’t be happier. The lovely salesgirl at Lady Foot Locker helped me to choose the right shoe for my arches (high), my weight, and my target mileage per week (15). My Brooks trainers were extremely low profile (and quite beaten up) so my heels had started to ache after a run. My new choice, the Nike Lunaracer 3, is an ultra lightweight stability running shoe with a modest cushion in the heel. No more aches!  Other perks: breathable fabric, a stitched tongue that doesn’t move, and laces that don’t have to be double-knotted (which sounds so minuscule, but stopping to tie one’s shoes mid-run is totally deflating!).

As to the color and style, let this be the final word: whenever I see the flashy pink sitting by my door, they beg me to put them on and take them outside. I put on my Pandora Top Hits radio and hit the asphalt.

Cheers to a long and lean summer!


IMG_1429 IMG_1428



  1. Couldn’t agree more about managing your “exer-time”. Staying active is important, no matter how old you are or what your abilities are. And the best incentives to stay committed are comfy “exer-togs”! Your Lunaracers look fabulous!

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