The Denim Dilemma

Am I the only person in the style-challenged U.S. office environment that gets stressed over a jeans day?

For some time, I ignored these days. I pretended that I forgot. I pretended not to like pants. I even pretended I didn’t own jeans. 

Then, a previous workplace linked jeans day to a charity contribution, i.e. “Donate $20 and you get to wear jeans!” Everyone wearing jeans had obviously been wonderful, magnanimous, and generous, while those not wearing jeans were automatically judged as cheap, or worse, un-philanthropic. My ego rose to the occasion, and I started writing checks and wearing jeans.

With yet another impending snow and sleet storm to ice our way through tomorrow’s morning commute, my company announced that tomorrow will be a “dress down day.”

I’m new at the company, so I poured over the CIO’s e-mail, hoping to find some parameters or guidance. Alas, the only missive (and I quote) was, “No torn jeans.”  Great. I scanned the pages of my current magazine on the subway home, hoping for inspiration. No such luck, I was reading Self, and everyone seemed to be wearing Lululemon.

You’ll have to tune in tomorrow to find out how I decided to tackle “dress down day” at the office…

Until then:

Today’s outfit was an example of my favorite work attire (skirt, black & white with pops of color): Skirt: H&M, Button-down: Joe Fresh; Blouse: unknown


This outfit is pretty easy to recreate, as I’m sure you already have a black pencil skirt and white button-down in your closet. If not, I’ve linked above to the precise pieces I’m wearing.  The vest-like blouse is another matter – it is sheer and the tag has long since been removed.  But, here are three super-cute similars:


Have a great night!



A smattering of outfits

I don’t know about you, but I find it dreadfully challenging to dress when it is ridiculously cold multiple days in a row.  A day or two here can actually be fun; you get to pull out those once-or-twice-a-season-super-warm-furry boots  and maybe throw on a hat you completely forgot about. But when cold, frost-bite-inducing weather stays around for days on end? Now there is a challenge I’m ready for.

A few of my strategies for getting excited about getting ready on a cold morning (or any morning, really):
1.  Breakfast and coffee for a jump start
2.  Mixing new and old or high and low pieces from my wardrobe
3.  Styling my hair differently than the way it was any other day this week
4.  A spritz of great perfume

Jacket – Milly, Skirt – an old standby from H&M, Boots – Banana Republic
Hair: straight with curled ends and a just shy of center part. 


Friday: Dress – Calvin Klein, Earrings – Stella & Dot, Shoes – JCrew (pleeeeease bring back the Mona pumps! I would buy so many more pairs!)
Hair – a fun, twisty updo


Monday: Dress – Ann Taylor, Shoes – Dolce Vita
Hair: straight, bent ends, center part


Tuesday: Top – JCrew, Sweater – unknown, Skirt – H&M (see, told you it was a standby!), Necklace – Ann Taylor
Hair: French braid (tucked in)


Hair close-up:DSCN0064

Today (Wednesday):
Jacket – Greylin, Top – Gap, Skirt – Phillip Lim
Hair: pin straight, side part


That’s all for now! Let’s see what inspires me for the remainder of the week!

xoxo, Mimzy