The Denim Dilemma

Am I the only person in the style-challenged U.S. office environment that gets stressed over a jeans day?

For some time, I ignored these days. I pretended that I forgot. I pretended not to like pants. I even pretended I didn’t own jeans. 

Then, a previous workplace linked jeans day to a charity contribution, i.e. “Donate $20 and you get to wear jeans!” Everyone wearing jeans had obviously been wonderful, magnanimous, and generous, while those not wearing jeans were automatically judged as cheap, or worse, un-philanthropic. My ego rose to the occasion, and I started writing checks and wearing jeans.

With yet another impending snow and sleet storm to ice our way through tomorrow’s morning commute, my company announced that tomorrow will be a “dress down day.”

I’m new at the company, so I poured over the CIO’s e-mail, hoping to find some parameters or guidance. Alas, the only missive (and I quote) was, “No torn jeans.”  Great. I scanned the pages of my current magazine on the subway home, hoping for inspiration. No such luck, I was reading Self, and everyone seemed to be wearing Lululemon.

You’ll have to tune in tomorrow to find out how I decided to tackle “dress down day” at the office…

Until then:

Today’s outfit was an example of my favorite work attire (skirt, black & white with pops of color): Skirt: H&M, Button-down: Joe Fresh; Blouse: unknown


This outfit is pretty easy to recreate, as I’m sure you already have a black pencil skirt and white button-down in your closet. If not, I’ve linked above to the precise pieces I’m wearing.  The vest-like blouse is another matter – it is sheer and the tag has long since been removed.  But, here are three super-cute similars:


Have a great night!