Vintage Finds at NYC Big Flea

Delighting in the warm fall day, I ventured out to take in the sights of the 2014 New York City Big Flea Antiques Market.  What fun!

Over 600 vendors from across the country set up at Pier 94, to put their wares on view for the largest antiques market in Manhattan. The event is organized by the same group that started the wildly successful DC Big Flea. This wonderful playground of antiques and specialty food only lasts for two days.



The best way to properly hunt for treasures amongst so many vendors is to proceed in an organized, logical fashion. I recommend walking up and down each lettered aisle in sequence, stopping to look on both sides of the aisle.  Take photos of things you love along the way.




Royal Daulton



Then, once you have finished your first cursory sweep, stop for a glass of Persecco and a lobster roll at the famed Grey Lady in the center of the pavilion.


Grey Lady

Sustenance cannot be overrated in this endeavor.

While seated at the bar, cycle through your photos, prioritize what you have/want/need, and go back through the pavilion in the same way. This gives you a chance to reevaluate each piece you saw and also appreciate the beauty of the landscape along the way.  My absolute favorite stall was this one, decorated as though you were stepping into a very chic urban living room:



I ended up taking home some incredible vintage barware: a glorious gold water pitcher and a set of eight cocktail glasses.  While the pitcher will sit happily in the midst of my decor, the glasses are a gift for a close friend. I hope she adores them as much as I do!




I hope you’ll join me at next year’s NYC Big Flea – mark your calendars for April 18-19, 2015!